Backrola by Neil Summers

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Alison Middleditch, Surrey Physiotherapy:

“This exercise programme is the perfect antidote to modern sedentary lifestyles. The gentle stretches aimed at reversing the daily stresses and strains on the back are suitable for all ages. The Backrola is a useful tool in the prevention of back pain.”

Dr Marek Szpalski, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Brussels:

“It is estimated that more than 80% of the population will suffer from back pain. But most often, there is nothing wrong with the back; it is just being misused. The back needs to move. The loads on the discs need to be relieved and the back muscles need to relax. A few minutes of care for your back every day will ensure a friendlier relationship with your spine. I recommend the Backrola not only to back pain sufferers, but also as a preventative tool to all those who want to keep their back in shape.”

Dr. Malcolm Pope, Director, Iowa Spine Research Center, Iowa City:

“Low back pain remains a problem for many of us. In fact, about 75% of us will have a significant episode at some time in our life. Neil Summers has developed a series of products and exercises that are supported by laboratory studies we have conducted.”

Mark Van Straten, Physiotherapist for Nike Europe:

“Treating your back is like dental care. Brushing for an hour once a week is not good enough - you have to do it every day for a couple of minutes. This is why I strongly recommend the Backrola with daily exercise for a more healthy back.”

Dr Sheila Phillips, Paediatrician, Santa Monica, California:

“Even doctors need to look after themselves. Since I?ve been using your back exercises/routine, I can keep my schedule without the twinges in my back as I move through my busy day. Being pain-free through the day is a wonderful gift. I can think of no better way than using your routine. Thank you, Neil.”